Later visit the Mackinon market- the bustling fruit and vegetable market, which has been in operation since colonial days.

Walk under the famous Elephant Tusks on Moi Avenue, which you probably have seen in those old African adventure movies and which were erected in 1952 in honour of Queen Elizabeth II first visit to Kenya. Ivory was considered to be an exquisite commodity during the time the Queen was making a visit. In essence, the Tusks were meant to embrace the Queen and the British Empire in to the town and within its social structure before proceeding to Akamba wood carvers center. Here you can purchase a fine hand carved African memento.

Fort Jesus is perhaps Mombasa’s biggest attraction as it dominates the harbor’s entrance. It was, in history, a Portuguese stronghold as it was built in 1593, to fend off local enemies and the Turkish warships. The remains of the Fort provide an interesting tour taking you back through history and a small Museum features a variety of lyrics. Its interior comprises of torture rooms and prison cells where slaves were kept in captivity before being traded. Weapons such as Canons, which were used to defend the Fort from invading foreigners and the rioting locals, can be seen both inside and outside of the Fort.

Haller Park (Nature Trail Park)


Formerly known as Bamburi Quarry Nature Trail, and named after the founder,  Dr. Haller Rene, who transformed it from a quarry to one of the best wildlife parks in Mombasa. It is also a good place to have a good collective mind due to the dense varied - tree - species of the man - made forest, that was once a once a quarry. Pre-arranged tree planting at the nature trail with certificates is also possible.



Get up close and personal with giant Aldabra Tortoises, Hippos, Crocodiles, Waterbuck, Elands and Buffalo. Their highly trained guides will escort you around the park, ensuring your visit is enjoyable and educational.If you have read the story about Owen (the hippo) and Mzee (the tortoise), you can meet them there

Mamba Village Visit (Crocodile Farm Tour)

Mamba-Village-Visit -Crocodile-Farm-TourMamba Village is situated in Nyali area of Mombasa, Kenya.  East Africa's largest crocodile farm, Mamba village has never failed to impress. A tour of the farm starts with a movie on the life cycle and behavior of crocodiles.

It is followed by a comprehensive tour of the rest of farm, and ends with the highlight of the day: a spectacular scene of blood-thirsty crocodiles fighting for food during feeding time at 5pm, excellent cuisine is available at the Mamba Restaurant, and the house specialty is superbly grilled crocodile meat. Souvenirs of your visit can be bought at the Mamba Souvenir shop located within the village.

Mamba Village Crocodile Farm in Mombasa has crocodiles from all categories/stages, from giant (Big Daddy -Man eater) crocodiles to baby crocodiles (just hatched) and the white crocodiles.

A tour to the firm would be wonderful and takes 2 and half to three hours visiting the Crocodile farm, camel and horse riding within the same compound.

Ngomongo Cultural Tour

Ngomongo Cultural Center is a look back in time in miniature of tribal life and community groundings. Here you are able to get a glimpse of the lifestyle and cultures that existed for centuries before “civilization" came to Africa. Different traditional tribal huts are set up in this themed village, with peoples from the different tribes portraying their ancestors. Watch and even participate in different food preparation, sample the local brews. Enjoy, marvel or participate in the various tribal dances. The memories will last a lifetime.



Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary

Mwaluganje-Elephant-Sanctuary-Mombasa-Coast.Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary was created in 1993 to conserve the serene surroundings, which house the rare and endangered African elephants, moist deciduous forest, riparian vegetation, and other special attractions available in the ecosystem. It is home to Kenya's big tuskers (Elephants), dry baobab bush land, the endemic cycad palm, blooming desert roses, diversity of butterflies, birds and monkey-eating crowned eagle. The ecological attractions in Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary are diverse with scenic beauty such as the great natural forests, awe-inspiring cliffs and the warm blue Indian Ocean. Other natural attractions are "God's Bridge," "Time Rock" and the traditional shrine that characterizes the sacredness of the community.

Tamarind Dhow Dinner & Dance Cruise

Tamarind Dhow DinnerTamarind Dhow Dinner Cruise commences at 6.30 pm begins with a welcome "Dawa" cocktail as the Dhow sails smoothly towards Fort Jesus. The twinkling lights of Mombasa and the starlit skies provide idyllic surroundings for a delicious seafood dinner meticulously prepared in Swahili style on the deck in front of the guests. The resident band on board offers a wide choice of dance music, from the latest hits to the golden oldies as the Dhow gently glides back to the Tamarind Jetty by 10.30 pm. Tamarind Dhow Mombasa Cruise Tour Duration takes approximately 4 Hours.

Tamarind Dow Dinner Coast

After a cruise round Tudor Creek with fine view of Mombasa's Old Town and Fort Jesus, your dhow moors in a sheltered bay at the head of the creek. Here the fine aroma of grilled lobster and steak starts to fill the air as the chefs pull out the charcoal grills and prepare a four-course gourmet meal. As your meal draws to a close, the waiters serve aromatic Arabica coffee from a traditional Arab brass pot - the Kahawa Pot. The evening trip on the dhow is an excellent romantic spot for newlyweds, and those wishing to propose.

Snorkelling Excursion to Kisite Marine National Park – Home of the Dolphins 

The 28sq. km Kisite-Mpunguti Marine Park is reputed to be the most beautiful marine park after the Great Barrier Reef of Australia and is the best in Kenya in terms of species diversity, coral quality and reef build-up. The warm, pristine waters are host to dramatic coral formations, dolphins, turtles, sting rays, moray eels and a bewildering variety of sea life that comprise a unique eco-system that could be referred to as a garden under the sea.

 Dolphin spotting – you can stay and watch the dolphins for as long as you wish, and if you are lucky enough,they may join you for a swim in the Marine Park.


Snorkeling at Kisite Marine Park has some of the best under water views in Africa, including corals, tropical fish and turtles. We offer snorkeling for non swimmers, with life jackets and ring. Your private guide is part of our highly experienced team. Enjoy snacks, fresh tropical fruit and soft drinks on dhow. Sail to Coral Spirit island restaurant (with magical view of the ocean) and have a fresh Seafood lunch (with a varied menu). Wine, beer, soft drinks – all included. Visit the amazing Coral Garden and Wasini village and (or) Shimoni slave cave. You are welcome to stay and watch the African sunset.


Shimba Hills National Reserve

Shimba-Hills-National-Reserve-Tour-CoastThe Shimba Hills National Reserve is 74 square miles in size and access to the Park is via Diani South Coast, 56 km from Mombasa. The reserve is made up of both open grassland and dense rainforest, all with stunning views across the Indian Ocean. This pristine wonderland of rolling meadows and forests of giant primeval trees harbors a wide variety of wildlife, including some 500 elephant that favor the refreshing fruit of the borassus palm.

There are leopards often heard but not frequently seen. The most distinctive of the Shimba Hills National Reserve's many species is perhaps the rare and impressive Sable antelope, found in the same habitats as several large herds of buffalo.

Full Day Wasini Island

On our full day Wasini Island, Kisite Marine Park excursion by road, we start early from the beach hotels to be at the Shimoni jetty before low tide.

Wasini-Island-Snorkel-Scuba- Tour

Depart from your hotel and proceed to the small historical fishing village of Shimoni driving via coastal settlements with views of palm trees, cashew nuts, mango trees, and rice paddies. On arrival at the Shimoni village, board the motorized dhows for a cruise in the marine park and the surrounding Kisite, Mpunguti Islands. Snorkel and marvel at the rich marine life where corals, exotic fish and sea plants are protected. As we sail in the calm waters, we will be on the lookout for the resident dolphins that approach the dhow and with their gymnastics, beckon us to join them for a swimming duel.

At Wasini Island, we will disembark and take a discovery stroll through the Island and its pure Swahili culture also visiting the giant coral garden and the adjacent mangrove swamp forest. Our guide will give us an in depth oration throughout the tour. Later, we will settle down for an adventurous barbeque seafood lunch with local Swahili accompaniments. After a short reflective siesta, we board our dhows for the sea trip to the Shimoni jetty.

Recommended: Visit the Shimoni caves where slaves were “stored” during the old slave trading days before they were shiped to the Zanzibar slave market. We bid “Kwaheri” to the village folk and start the journey to our respective hotels.

Malindi Tour

Depart from hotel early after breakfast and drive along the North coast to Malindi. The Highlights of this tour will include:

A visit to Gede ruins – an ancient Swahili village mysteriously abandoned some 600 years ago due to unknown causes, now a national museum, the ruins are overgrown with Indigenous forest trees, age-old baobab trees, tamarind and animals can be found here too. This excursion is well worth a walk and a visit.

A visit to the Kipepeo Butterfly Project – an innovative project aimed at giving forest edge communities get income from the forest by live breeding unique butterflies from the Arabuko- Sokoke forest.

Check out the Vasco da Gama Pillar built in 1498, lots of history right there. Malindi Crocodile Farm and Snake Park- located just off the main road leading to Malindi Marine Park, The Beach – swim, have a picnic etc


Malindi Marine National Park, Malindi


This is a wonderful 6km2 National Park within the Malindi-Watamu biosphere which runs parallel to the shore. Here, you will find all sorts of kid-friendly activities that include; glass-bottom boat rides and tours; snorkeling lessons and trips; scuba diving and so much more. As a family, you will get to witness the marvels of Mother Nature together. Spot Mako and whale sharks, surgeonfish, Moorish idols and green turtles as you tour the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean


The Crocodile Farm and Snake Park, Malindi

  Mamba-Village-Visit -Crocodile-Farm-Tour

As long as you are still in Malindi, you should treat your kids to fun filled day at the Crocodile Farm and Snake Park. Let them see how these, otherwise vicious creatures feed; let them hold a turtle in their hands as well as a host of other slither creatures as they learn more about nature. 

Watamu Marine National Reserve

Watamu Marine National Reserve presents a great opportunity for everyone to learn a little bit about the highly diverse fauna that this habitat has on display. With well over 600 fish species; 150 different types of soft/hard corals; mantra rays and twenty different dive sites, Watamu Marine National Reserve will give you a fun-filled day that you and your family will not forget.