Nairobi Safari Walk

Nairobi National Park

Taking a walking adventure in Nairobi Safari Walk is an exciting activity. It’s a great way to experience African wildlife and nature on foot. It gives you an opportunity to establish a relationship with nature and wildlife and even share their paths and space.

The Nairobi Safari Walk is a popular attraction offering animal lovers the chance to spot wildlife on foot, and walking trails weave around the area known as Hippo Pools.


David Sheldrick Trust Elephant Orphan Centre

Nairobi National Park

Dame Daphne established the Trust in honour of her late husband David Sheldrick, a pioneer conservationist in Kenya. The orphanage caters for the welfare of orphaned Elephants and Rhinos who are raised in the sanctuary and eventually released back to the wild.

David Sheldrick wildlife trust opens doors at 11.00am and closes at 12.00am. You get a chance to know how the baby elephants are rescued and taken care off.


Mamba village

Nairobi National ParkNairobi Mamba Village is a sanctuary for crocodiles located 12 km south of Nairobi City. The farm also houses Ostrich and is a popular destination for tourists and students. The best time to visit is during crocodiles feeding time. You will be thrilled at how high giant crocs can jump to grab thrown pieces of meat oblivious of the other gaping giant crocodiles.



Giraffe Center


The Giraffe Centre was started by Jock Leslie-Melville, when he and his wife Betty captured a baby giraffe to start a programme of breeding giraffe in captivity at their home in Langata – home of the present centre. Since then the programme has had huge success, resulting in the introduction of several breeding pairs of Rothschild Giraffe into Kenyan national parks. It is located at Karen, approximately 5 kilometers from the centre of Nairobi.

 Located right next to the popular Giraffe Manor (hotel that features giraffes), you can stand on a platform and touch and feed the giraffes straight from your tongue.  It’s a great way to get up close and personal with giraffes and take great pictures as well.


Bomas of Kenya

Nairobi National Park

Bomas of Kenya is a cultural hotspot, where you get to see the fascinating range of cultures in Kenya. Located about 10km from the city centre. Visitors here can learn about the lifestyle, art, music, crafts, and culture of each tribe. The complex encompasses a recreated traditional village with homesteads or bomas built in the traditional style, each one reflecting the culture of a major ethnic group. Every afternoon, a team performs traditional dances and songs in the large theater.


Traditional Village - weekends and public holidays 10am-6pm;

Cultural Dances - Mon-Fri 2:30-4pm, weekends and public holidays 3:30-5:15pm


Karen Blixen Museum


One of Nairobi's top tourist attractions, the Karen Blixen Museum at the foot of the Ngong Hills is the former home of the famous namesake Out of Africa author. Karen Blixen, also known by her pen name Isak Dinesen, lived in the house from 1917 to 1931 where she ran a coffee plantation. Today, visitors can tour the well-preserved colonial farmhouse, a kitchen in a separate building, a coffee-drying plant in the woodland, and an agricultural college on the grounds. Furniture that belonged to Karen Blixen and her husband is on display, as well as photographs, and books owned by Karen and her lover, Denys Finch Hatton. Enthusiastic guides bring the story of Karen Blixen and colonial Kenya to life.

Welcome to karen blixen museum! 2 hours of studying the life and history of the famous Karen blixen the author of the popular book "Out of Africa".


Kazuri Beads Factory


KAZURI, which means “small and beautiful” in Swahili, began in 1975 as a tiny workshop experimenting on making handmade beads

The factory is located in what used to be part of the Karen Blixen Estate 

 Buy original souvenir from self-help women project where hand-made ceramics and jewelries are produced.


The Carnivore Gourmet Experience 'Meat Eaters Paradise'

Nairobi National Park

Nairobi Carnivore Experience Kenya, A Carver at Carnivore The Charcoal Grill Pit Ranked among the top 50 Restaurants in the world, the world famous Carnivore is a must for anyone who loves Barbeque. This is a Barbeque with a difference in that not only do they serve your normal beef, pork and chicken but Game meat as well. Giraffe, Gnu, Zebra, Crocodile, Hartebeest and Ostrich are some of the specials that you will Amani on the menu. A wide variety of vegetarian dishes are also available.

 Don't afford to miss!!!!'Africa's Greatest Eating Experience'.


Nairobi National Museum

Nairobi National Park

The National Museum in Nairobi is an educational way to spend a few hours on a city stopover. The museum displays diverse cultural and natural history exhibits including more than 900 stuffed birds and mammals, fossils from Lake Turkana, ethnic displays from various Kenyan tribal groups, and exhibits of local art. In the Geology Gallery, visitors can explore an impressive collection of rocks and minerals and learn about tectonic plates and the life cycle of a volcano. The Hominid Vault contains a collection of prehistoric bones and fossils, including the preserved fossil of an elephant. At the museum, visitors can purchase combination tickets, which include entrance to the adjacent Snake Park with live specimens of Kenya's most common reptiles.


City Tour

The tour begins in Nairobi Central Business District at 9 am. Walk along main avenues like Kenyatta Avenue and Moi Avenue. Visit The City Market, The City Square where you can climb the Kenyatta International Conference Centre Tower for better view of Nairobi, Uhuru and Central Parks, The National Archives and Railway Station. After Lunch proceed to Kibera slums for the rest of afternoon.