In the age of Instagram, photos have taken a more central role in our lives in a previously unprecedented way. Whether it’s a casual selfie or a professional shoot, photos capture special moments in our lives and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to share those moments with our friends and the world at large. In fact, the 2014 annual Internet Trends’ report by Mary Meeker showed that people uploaded an average of 1.8 billion photos every day. However, do not mistake quantity for quality. Especially for all you travel enthusiasts out there, it’s time you learned how to take pictures on your travels like a real pro. It’s only fair to the places you visit that they’re presented true to their beauty.



I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that anyone reading this probably owns a smartphone and that it has a camera. That’s all you need to take amazing pictures on your travels. No need to invest in expensive camera equipment. Not only does it hurt your finances but imagine walking along a scenic beach with a tripod stand and a heavy backpack in the hope of taking a few photos of yourself at said beach. Furthermore, carrying around such equipment can make you a target of theft in some parts of the world.

Smartphones come with good enough cameras to take breathtaking pictures and even do some post editing for that extra piece of quality. If in doubt, the tips that follow will help you get the best out of your phone’s camera.




Man Hiking


Recent studies have shown just how detrimental sitting for long periods of time is to one’s health. Sitting has been linked to health issues such as obesity, high blood pressure, and sugar, excess fat especially around the waist as well as unusual levels of cholesterol. So even before we get into it, simply getting up and traveling at least means you’re not sitting down at your desk for those long hours every day of your working life. That’s one health benefit right there and a number of scientific studies tell us we are just getting started. Oh, and traveling for business doesn’t count. Sorry.



Other than the fact that your heart races a bit with excitement when you daydream about that perfect vacation, a study done by the Global Commission on Aging found that women who take it upon themselves to travel at least two times in a year were significantly less likely to suffer a heart attack compared to those who travel about once in a decade. Men who did not take a holiday trip at least once a year were 30% more susceptible to heart disease and 20% more likely to die. Traveling could literally save your life.


A true diamond in the rough, Tree Tops Lodge is located in the Aberdare Range National Park. The lodge rests 1,966 meters above sea level on the Aberdare Range with Mt. Kenya within viewing distance.Tree Tops is a unique coming together of nature and history. This little sanctuary is built around the sacred Mugumo tree which grows right through the lodge. Furthermore, the lodge is strategically located along an elephant migration route between the Aberdare Ranges and Mt. Kenya and also overlooks a natural waterhole and saltlick making it ideal for viewing game.

Tree Tops was initially built in 1932 as the first game viewing lodge built on stilts in Kenya before it was razed to the ground by Mau Mau rebels in the 1950s. However, this did not damper the resilience of the lodge as it soon rose from the ashes. Most notably, though, is that in 1952 Princess Elizabeth visited Tree Tops as a princess and left as Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II. This is after while at the lodge she received news that her father, King George V had passed away in his sleep. So what makes Tree Tops good enough for royalty?


Tree Tops Lodge

Sudan, the last male northern white rhino passed away on 19th March 2018 at 45 years due to age-related complications. Well, veterinarians performed a sort of euthanasia, so to speak, after Sudan’s age-related complications proved too much for the poor “lone bachelor”. Doubtless, after his status as the last male northern white rhino was made official in 2014 most probably a thought occurred to you, “I should make a point of seeing this rhino before it’s too late,” but you kept procrastinating the planning of your Kenyan safari and here we are. Now it’s too late. As a tribute to the late Sudan, here are a few endangered species that you can see in Kenya before it’s too late.


Sudan, the last male northern white rhino



1. King Lion


Yes, the great African lion is listed as vulnerable. Arguably the face of wildlife in Africa, the African lion is now mostly found in Chad, Angola, Tanzania, and Sudan despite at one time having ruled all of Africa, southwest Asia, and even parts of Europe. In Kenya, there are decent populations of lions in the Great Rift Valley and on the southern border. Take a trip to Masai Mara National Reserve and you’ll be sure to spot a number of lions doing what they do best - ruling the jungle.


African lion


2. The Grevy’s Zebra


Not only is the Grevy’s zebra threatened but it’s also only found in Kenya and Ethiopia. The imperial zebra, as it’s also known is the largest of the three species of zebra the other two being the plains zebra and the mountain zebra. The good news is that reports have shown that imperial zebra populations are actually on the rise in Kenya. But the fact of their exclusivity to Kenya and Ethiopia only adds to the appeal of seeing these zebras. Samburu National Park is ideal for spotting this rare species of zebra.


Grevy's zebra



3. Black Rhino


 It’s not a good time to be a rhino, apparently. Rhinos are the second largest land mammals after elephants. The black rhino is critically endangered despite all the efforts to save this species. While not quite to the level of the northern white rhino, the black rhino population is quite low. Most black rhinos are currently protected in conservancies such is Ol Pejeta in Laikipia, Lake Nakuru National Park, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, and Nairobi National Park just to name a few


Black Rhino


4. African Elephant

In the 1990s, the African elephant was endangered but thanks to anti-poaching efforts the species is now described as nearly threatened which is still not good but is better than the former. Elephants are the largest land mammals and facing extinction or not they are a wonder to behold and worth taking a trip to Kenya to see. Kenya's largest park, Tsavo has a large number of these elephants and would be easiest to spot there. Tsavo's famous red elephants are not, as the mythical-sounding name suggests, red at all. In fact, they're normally pigmented pachyderms but wear a coat of red Tsavo soil -- rich in iron -- from time spent dusting and mudding themselves as part of their daily routine to keep cool under the heavy sun 

African Elephant


5. The Cheetah


The fastest land animal is struggling to outpace its own extinction. Cheetahs can clock speeds of between 110 km/h to 120 km/h (60 mph to 75 mph). That’s enough to get this wild feline a speeding ticket on some roads. Cheetahs in Kenya are mostly threatened by farmers who hunt them down to protect their livestock. Efforts are underway to curb human-wildlife conflict in the country but the problem still persists. Maasai mara comes up again as the ideal place to see cheetahs if you can keep up that is.




Three of the animals on this list are part of the famous Big Five and while on your Kenyan safari you can cross the Cape buffalo and the leopard off that list as an added bonus.

 1.    Sarova Saltlick Game Lodge

Famed as one of the most photographed lodges in the world the Sarova Saltlick Game Lodge is situated in the heart of the Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary that overlooks the Tsavo Plains. The lodge is also known for its unique architecture that also serves as the passageway for elephants. The buildings are raised by pillars and encircle water holes where animals come to drink water. An ideal setting for your safari holiday in Kenya.



Sarova Saltlick offers 96 Standard Suites on raised stilts with hot and cold running water and bathrooms en-suite. The rooms are tailored to meet your preferred occupancy with options for double, twin or triple beds.





Bura Restaurant is the main dining area with buffet style cuisines that draw inspiration from Pan-African, Pan-European, and Pan-Asian styles. Vura Bar Lodge is set above the restaurant with a spectacular view of the waterhole and the expansive grassland that surrounds the lodge. A perfect setting to unwind. The lodge also offers experiential dining with meals served in the wild.




Set out on game drives in the morning, afternoon or even at night where you may see waterbucks, impalas, zebras, elephants, lions, leopards, buffalos among others. There are also over 600 species of birds indigenous to the region for birdwatchers to enjoy. The lodge features a Tulia Spa typical of the Sarova brand to further relax and unwind.

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 2.    Sarova Mara Game Camp

Sarova Mara is set in the eastern part of Masai Mara National Reserve on a green patch of verdant forest surrounded by vast rolling plains. The camp is only an hour’s flight from the capital thanks to Keekorok Airstrip which is only 14 kilometers from Sarova Mara. What Sarova Mara does quite well is to provide a home away from home while still maintaining an authentic bush experience.



Luxurious Tent Living

A highlight of Sarova Mara Game Camp is the luxurious tents which are divided into three categories to meet your accommodation needs. There are twenty Club Tents that are luxurious and commodious and offer a panoramic view of the Mara plains. The Club Tents come with king-size beds, a desk, loungers and wardrobes and the interior decor is a plush of white and a blend of natural earthy colors.

Those traveling with family will find the two Family Tents ideal. The Family Tents share a commodious lounge with one of the tents commanding the view of a passing stream. The tents come with either a double bed or twin with enough space to add another bed for the young ones.

Lastly, there are 50 Standard Tents that are decently furnished and should offer enough comfort on your adventure. Just like the Club Tents, the Standard Tents also feature wardrobes, a desk, and chairs.



Isokon restaurant offers exquisite buffet counters and the chefs will cater to most dietary requests by you, the client. The Oloip bar features a rich catalog of imported wines and premium spirits. All this wining and dining is capped by entertaining cultural dances in the evenings.



The cardinal activity at Sarova Mara Game Camp is the game drives where you go on safaris to see all that the Mara has to offer in terms of wildlife. You will easily spot zebras, wildebeest, buffalos, impalas, and giraffes among others while it may take the guidance of your tour guide to spot furtive wild cats like lions, cheetahs, and leopards. Other activities at the camp include spa sessions, a hot-air balloon safari, mini-golf, sport fishing, bird-watching and a visit to the neighbouring Maasai village for a cultural experience.

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 3.    Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge

Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge is located in Lake Nakuru National Park just two hours away from Nairobi by road. This upscale lodge is a landscaping beauty with most of the rooms designed to give spectacular views of the park and Lake Nakuru. Lake Nakuru is world famous for the magnificent pink flamingos that call it home and the spectacle these birds create on the lake is simply breathtaking.




As far as accommodation goes Sarova Lion Hill has an array of luxurious suites to make you relax and unwind. The suites include their appropriately named presidential suite Ziwa which means “Lake” in Swahili. Ziwa suites are tailored for privacy and are especially ideal for couples on their honeymoon. For a more rustic lodge experience, the Sarova Lion Hill offers the Chui and Faru suites characterized by a fireplace and two bedrooms. To close off their catalog of suites is the 64 Standard Suites that offer comfort and a view of the flamingo dotted Lake Nakuru.




And once you’re all rested in any one of these suites you can choose to have a champagne breakfast out in the wilderness or indulge in their buffet-style meals at the Flamingo Restaurant. When the sun sets and evening comes there’s entertainment every day from African dancers in their amphitheater that is overlooked by the Rift Valley Bar.




All this sounds good but don’t forget that the main attraction is actually the game drives in the park where you’ll see a plethora of wild animals. And if the safari wears you down, the lodge also has a spa for you to relax and rejuvenate. You don’t have to break the bank for a little adventure in Nakuru with our 8-days Big 5 Safaris.

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 4.    Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa – Mombasa

The ultimate holiday experience has to be sunbathing on a beach somewhere, a drink in hand and not a care in the world. Sarova Whitesands doesn’t just give you this opportunity but adds so much more to your holiday experience in Mombasa that you’ll never want to leave. Sarova Whitesands is located just 10 kilometers from Mombasa city Centre.




Sarova Whitesands has world class suites that include the presidential suites, executive suites, studio suites, premier sea-facing suites, sea-facing rooms, pool-facing rooms, and garden-facing rooms.




There’s an array of options to choose from here. The main restaurant is The Pavilions that features 14 themed dinners with buffet style cuisines that draw inspiration from various cultures such as African, Asian, Mediterranean and Arabic. Next is the Minazi Cafe which serves as a snack bar, pizzeria, bistro style restaurant and also offers a special children’s menu for early dinner. For an al fresco dining experience Lido Seafood Grill serves seafood coupled with an amazing view of the Indian Ocean. The Cocos Beach Bar is doubtless the best scene in the resort to end your day. The beach bar features a DJ every night and has karaoke nights, salsa nights, and acrobatic performances. All this with a stunning view of the ocean




The resort has five swimming pools, a tennis court, a fitness center, the Ozone Kids Club for the kids, and the Tulia Spa. Some fun-filled activities to engage in include jet skiing, beach volleyball, parasailing, diving among others.

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 5.    Sarova Shaba Game Lodge

Sarova Shaba Game Lodge is located 314 km from Nairobi on an oasis in the Shaba Game Reserve. The lodge overlooks the Ewaso Nyiro River and has natural springs flowing through it. A short 45 min flight from the capital will get you here or an adventurous 5-hour road trip.




The lodge has one presidential suite named Sarova Shaba Born Free Suite that features a commodious bedroom and a dining area as well as a living area. A large bathroom comes equipped with a private Jacuzzi. The suite is set along the springs and lily pools of the lodge and is styled in a traditional Samburu theme.

The Sarova Shaba Executive Suites offer an amazing view of the Ewaso Nyiro River and are spacious and very comfortable. The Sarova Shaba Standard Suites close off this catalog and are chalet style rooms with breathtaking views of the springs crisscrossing the lodge as well as the Ewaso Nyiro River.




The Surpelei restaurant is raised on stilts with a view of the Ewaso Nyiro River and offers buffet style meals with cuisines that include Pan-African, Pan-European, and Pan-Asian styles. Chemi Chemi Bar offers an ideal setting to unwind with imported wines and premium spirits. Carraluma Poolside Bar overlooks the freeform swimming pool and offers a unique way to further unwind with fresh juices, light beverages, beers, and cocktails. Experiential Dining offers champagne breakfast on the sandbanks of the Ewaso Nyiro River and also a star-lit dinner with live barbeque.




Your safari begins at the lodge with views of Nile crocodiles. Further sightings of wildlife can be experienced on special safari vehicles or camel safaris. Some of the wildlife on display includes elephants, the unique Somali ostrich, giraffe’s, Grevy’s zebras and predators such as leopards, lions, cheetahs, hyenas among others. The lodge also features a free-form swimming pool to cool down and relax and not forgetting the Tulia Spa. They call it Africa, I call it home. Life doesn’t get any better than this with our 6-days Kenya Classic Safaris

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