This safari aims at discovering the Northern part of Kenya (Samburu), predominantly occupied by the ethnic Samburu people of Kenya. Rich in culture and Wildlife, this is true wilderness and home to varieties of animals and birds rarely seen in other parts of the country. Here live the Beisa Oryx, Generuk, Grevy's Zebra, the reticulated giraffe and Blue Shanked Somali Ostrich. All three big cats: lion, cheetah and leopard, can also be found here, as well as elephants, buffalo and hippos. Other mammals frequently seen in the park include olive babbon, warthogs, Grant's gazelles, Kirk's dik. This is called an unlimited game drive. Samburu is just one of those places in Kenya you want to enjoy a safari at next time you are in Kenya




Day One Samburu Game Reserve
Day Two Samburu Game Reserve
 Day Three Depart